What to wear and what to expect at your session!

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Happy Friday everyone! 

It has been a VERY long time since I've done a blog post....to be quite honest, I'm not very good at them and sometimes life just gets in the way.

Something I'm asked about often is what to wear to your session and for good reason!  You've finally made the decision to schedule a family photo session and panic sets in.  These photos will be framed in your home, sent out on Christmas cards, shared with your friends and family on Facebook...you want to look your best!  Let's face it...you are making an investment by having family photos taken so you definitely want to put some thought into your wardrobe.

A great example showing the difference the right clothing makes can be seen here!!  Same people, same location, same pose.  WOW!

So here we go!!!


I always tell my clients that you don't want everyone to match EXACTLY.  Gone are the days of everyone wearing jeans and white shirts (although in certain situations, that might work).  First off, you want to be comfortable and you want something that is 'classic' that will look good in your photos for years to come.

For the Moms, I recommend a fun Summer dress such as a maxi dress or a maxi skirt and cute top.  Maxi's are comfortable and look so pretty with some movement (whether it's a gentle breeze or you spinning your little one around in circles).   Swing dresses are super cute too!  I have some favorite colors and looks that I love to recommend and that photograph beautifully.  Great colors are mustard, burgundy, cream or ivory, a pale dusty rose or a pale blue.  I would try to avoid bright reds, and neon colors, as they don't photograph as nicely.   It can be a pretty floral or a solid color.   A big must is accessories!   I love a big floppy hat (think boho and indie!), some strappy sandals or cute boots, a pretty scarf, a statement necklace and some pretty bracelets.  Bring along a little denim jacket or cardigan for chilly nights and for some texture and a mix of fabrics.    Now....once Mom has her outfit picked out, the rest is easy!!  

For Dad, a nice pair of jeans (classic blue or colored) or khakis.  For a shirt, a casual button down or collared shirt in a color that compliments what Mom is wearing.  If she has a floral dress, choose a color that is in her dress, or a color that works with it.   Avoid 'branded' clothing and 'logo' t-shirts or shirts with graphics.   And don't forget about your feet!!   Sometimes we forget about this important part.  A casual pair of shoes or boots is perfect....avoid sneakers/running shoes if at all possible.  (and no white socks!!)

For the little guys, jeans or a casual cotton pant is perfect.  Henleys, button down casual shirts, or even a solid colored t-shirt also work well.  Choose colors that work with what Mom is wearing.  Again, accessories are the perfect finishing touch, even for the little ones.  A pair of suspenders, a cute hat, or a vest or cardigan on cooler days.  Like Dad, shoes are important.  Maybe some casual sandals or boat shoes - avoid running shoes and characters.

For the little miss....a summer dress, even a lace skirt and cute top.  Something that has some movement.  Classic (vintage or boho) outfits are best....try to avoid trendy clothes.  You want something that isn't going to look too dated when you look at these photos 20 years from now.  Again, for colors, you'll want to compliment the colors that everyone in the family is wearing, even a creamy neutral with a touch of color is perfect.  
I'll say it again....accessories!!  Like Mom, maybe a fun floppy hat, denim jacket, sandals and even a floral crown!!!

A little something extra:   Does your family enjoy reading together?  Maybe Dad plays the guitar?  Does your little one have a special 'lovey' that they always bring along everywhere they go?   Feel free to bring along something that really shows your family's personality.  We can incorporate it into the images...what a great memory to have!

To shop the outfits pictured above and others like them, visit www.shopjule.com or check out their facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/shopjuleonline/   These are outfits were picked out  by a couple of family photographers that wanted to find affordable clothing that photographs especially well.  I love everything about them!


Most of my sessions are done outdoors, and I am a very casual photographer - I love a relaxed session, where you can feel at ease and enjoy this time with your family.    I want to capture REAL emotion, the laughs, the giggles, the quiet snuggles, the fun, the hugs, the kisses, the tenderness and LOVE your family shares.   Although I do take some 'smile and look at the camera' posed images, my favorites are the ones where you are enjoying your time together.   

I might sit you all down on a blanket, tell you to get close....closer.   Lean in, give your little ones a kiss on the head, maybe a gentle tickle.  Tell a joke, look at each other, cuddle up.   Other times, I will have you all holding hands walking in a field... maybe play ring around the rosie, have Mom and Dad lift the blanket up in the air while the little ones run underneath.   Does Dad love to give 'airplane' rides?  Maybe Mom loves to lift the little ones up in the air?   As the evening ends, the little ones might be getting tired - this is the perfect time for those cuddly shots.  The baby resting her head on Dads shoulder, or one of the kids cuddled in moms lap.   These are the moments that you will want to have to look back on forever.  Trust me when I say, it all goes too quickly.  Capture these treasured moments.  Don't be afraid to look silly.  Just relax, have fun.  Trust me, your kids don't care.  They are only going to remember a good experience, having fun, playing.  They will show these photos to their children someday.

And Mom and Dad?  Kids sometimes don't listen, or they get tired.  It's okay.  If you get stressed out, they will feel it and it will show in your photos.  Bring along a little snack that isn't messy and a drink.  Take a 5 minute break.  That is why I schedule hour sessions, so we have plenty of time.  I want you to enjoy your time with me and I want your whole family to enjoy it.

Thank you for taking the time to read through this.  I know it's a long one, but it's important!    Now....if you haven't booked your session with me yet, what are you waiting for?   Your kids are growing and changing every day.  Let me capture this moment...the 'sweet moments in time'. 

**all images are from JULE.  www.shopjule.com 


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